Sustainable Development

Projects Supported by Regie

27 January 2017
Within its sustainable development program, the Regie continues to contribute to different developmental projects in several villages.

In this framework, the Regie’s President and General Manager Mr. Nassif Seklaoui received in his Hadath office a delegation from Al-Dahira, Tyr, presided by the municipal chief Mr. Abdallah Gharib, accompanied by the mayor Fadi Sweid and municipal members. Seklaoui offered the delegation a contribution to provide the village with a water storage tank and a generator.

As well, the Regie offered a contribution to build an additional Red Cross building in Tibnin, Bint Jbeil. Seklaoui delivered the contribution to a delegation that included the chief of operations at the Lebanese Red Cross Mr.

Mohammad Makki, the chief of Tibnin Center Mr. Mohammad Fawaz, and first aid trainer at the LRC Mr. Wala’a Choukeir.

The municipal chief of Derdghaya, Tyre Mr. Edmond Elia from Mr. Seklaoui a contribution from the Regie in illuminating the village’s streets and buying a street sweeper. Elia offered Seklaoui a shield in recognition of his efforts.


As well, the Regie contributed to digging an artesian well in Baalbek city. Mr. Seklaoui delivered the contribution to the municipal chief Brigadier Hassan Lakkis.


Meetings were attended by the Leaf Tobacco Manager Mr. Abdel Mawla Al Mawla and the Agriculture Manager Mr. Jaafar Al Housseini.

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