Regie and Dokhaniat Iran Talks: Potential Cooperation and Creative Initiatives

21 February 2017
Last Wednesday the delegation of the Iranian Tobacco Company, presided by the head of the company, Moussib Mohammedian Shoumali, visited the Regie’s Hadath headquarter. During the visit, negotiations were held between both parties, who ensured their willing to cooperate in order to create new initiatives.

First, a meeting was held at the Regie’s President a General Manager, Mr. Nassif Seklaoui’s office, in the presence of the members of Committee of Administration, discussing increased communication means and cooperation prospects.

At the training hall, a short documentary was shown about the Regie’s achievements. Then, the delegation walked through the fabrication department – the central warehouse. Later, an extended working meeting was held between the Regie’s officials and Dokhaniat Iran delegation that included the member of the Board, Marketing Manager, Mr. Mohsen Shahbaz Zadeh; Administration Manager Mr. Yaacoub Haidari; and the President’s councilor Mr. Ahmad Ali Shoukouh.

Seklaoui spoke and welcomed the Iranian delegation, with whom he “agreed over cooperation and new initiatives”, he said. “I hope it would be a fruitful visit”, and that the delegation “got to know about one of the most successful public facilities” in Lebanon, he concluded.

In turn, Shoumali said that “based on several meetings between Lebanese officials and the Iranian minister of industry” Dokhaniat Iran is now ready “to establish new opportunities between both countries, in order to profit from the potentials in the region”. “Our biggest goal is for the coming generations to earn this cooperation”, hoping for the region “stability and prosperity”.

He added: “the new generation in this region, especially in Iran and Lebanon, has lots of potentials that must be activated. Thanks to this cooperation, we look forward to prove for the international society that we have well developed potentials and to prove ourselves.”

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