Maj. Gen. Ibrahim during his visit to Regie: We will cooperate to confront smuggling and increase state income

11 September 2018
The Director General of General Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim stressed on Wednesday while visiting the headquarters of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie) in Hadath that cooperation will happen between security apparatuses and Regie in order to confront smuggling, stressing that this cooperation contributes to “increasing the state income”.

Maj. Gen. Ibrahim commenced his visit by meeting the Director General of Regie Engineer Nassif Seklaoui and then toured different sections of Regie where he was introduced to the development achieved by Regie and to its latest activities.

Later on, he met the high management in the training room in the presence of Seklaoui, Engineers Georges Hobeika and Mazen Abboud, Doctor Issan Salman, State Commissioner Mirna Baz, Financial Controller Carol Youssef, the Director of the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan Lamia Moubayed Bissat, along with a number of officials, and heads of departments.

After showing a video about Regie, Eng Seklaoui presented an honorary shield to Maj. Gen. Ibrahim and described him as “the leader of development and modernization,” praising all his efforts and all the work implemented by the General Security that has become a “service and developmental role”.

“Although our fields of work are different; however, we meet with Maj. Gen. Ibrahim over the love of the nation and serving it and we both believe in the work of public institutions and in protecting our economy and enhancing the work and productivity of institutions.”

In this regard, Eng. Seklaoui noted that Regie is assuming today an economic, social, and developmental role as it is considered the fifth source of support to the Lebanese treasury, pointing out that its incomes reached 470 million USD in 2017. He also stated that Regie factories that used to produce one kind of tobacco can produce 25 kinds of local and foreign tobaccos in the most developed factory for tobacco production in the Middle East.

In the same regard, he emphasized that Regie was awarded the ISO Quality Certificate for the3rd year in a row, stressing that Regie is the first establishment that has set a strategy for sustainable development and that has worked on developmental projects that reached more than 170 towns until now.

For his part, Major General Ibrahim said that he loves visiting successful institutions, expressing his happiness to see a public institution with this level of success and praising the efforts of Eng. Seklaoui while pointing out that the main factor of success is choosing the right team to work with.

“When we choose a successful and trustworthy team, we pave the steady road toward success.”

In this regard, he congratulated Eng. Seklaoui and the management of Regie and said: “I was surprised by what I saw today at the technical and administrative level and also with respect to machines and cleanliness.”

Talking about the visit, he described it as an integration visit between the General Security and Regie saying: “What I saw today opens wide horizons for cooperation and work between us to fight smuggling.”

“We work for the economic, social and political security so let us allocate some of our efforts to help you fight smuggling and increase the income of the state because you are aware of the country’s general economic situation.”

In the same regard, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim said that cooperation between the General Security and Regie achieves a lot for the state and for the people because one of them without the other cannot continue, expressing his hope to meet on ground to confront the smuggling.

It is worth noting that before leaving, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim signed the golden book of Regie.
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