The Regie Honoring Media Outlets: tobacco farming sustains 25 Thousand households and provides national treasury with 7.5% of its annual revenues

10 October 2018
The Regie Honoring Media Outlets: tobacco farming sustains 25 Thousand households and provides national treasury with 7.5% of its annual revenues
The President of the Regie said during a dinner held last Tuesday in honor of Lebanese mass media, that his organization provides the national treasury with 7.5 percent of its annual revenues. He pointed out that “tobacco farming currently sustains 25 thousand Lebanese households in different regions”.
Held at the restaurant Le Phenicien - Sin El Fil, the dinner was attended by the representative of the Minister of Information Melhem Al-Riashi, Director-General of the MoI Hassān Falha, President of the National Media Council Abdel Hadi Mahfouz, the presidents of Press and editors syndicates Awni El-Kaaki and Elias Aoun, Information Advisor to the President Rafiq Shalala, Director of the National Media Agency Laure Suleiman, and a number of media outlets managers and journalists.
Seklaoui said that the meeting was organized at this particular time due to “the state of despair caused by the country’s poor conditions and lack of confidence in Lebanese public sector”. He stressed that “it is unfair to generalize the impression that public utilities are failing and corrupt”, noting that “some public facilities are up front, modern, productive, and determined more than private sector, and some of them are successful despite all difficulties and obstacles”. “Each year, the Regie and other public facilities make several major achievements, but not all of them are publically exposed”, he said.
He stressed that for more than two decades the Regie has worked on “building trust among workers, farmers, customers, and international companies” and has been interested in developing tobacco industry.
“Tobacco farming currently sustains 25 thousand Lebanese households in different regions”, and “the farm’s confidence strengthens us”, he said. “In this industry, it is no coincidence that international companies are asking to sign contracts with the Regie. Hence, we are producing 23 local and international brands and taking the lead on the regional tobacco map. Our credibility has gone beyond our borders.”
“Regie’s development and firm steps in agriculture and industry enabled it to “provide 7.5% of the national treasury’s annual revenues”.”It is the ministry’s confidence encouraging us”, he said.
“Since national economy and our people in disadvantaged areas are our biggest concern, we launched a sustainable development plan to serve the community. Our projects have so far covered 15 districts in Akkar, Bekaa, and the South. Projects varied between environmental, economic, social, and educational. Support has been extended to more than 180 municipalities in various regions; some of them were totally neglected, in Bekaa and Akkar, where people’s basic needs have not been provided”, Seklaoui stressed.
“After a long journey of qualitatively developing its cadre and performance, the Regie, has become the first public facility to be awarded ISO 9001/2015 for the third year”.
He said that during the current year, the Regie had carried out an unprecedented step in combating smuggling, by organizing the first national conference to combat illegal trade. The President, the Speaker, and the Prime Minister were briefed about the conference’s recommendations”.
“Moreover, youth and talents concern the Regie” which in recent years has organized photography competitions, and displayed artworks in Manchar Souar exhibition”. Not to mention that it has won the Beach Football Championship six times. He added: “Because media can spot our achievements and give hope to the others, the Regie made itself accessible by developing its website and Facebook page, which is followed by more than 160 thousand persons.” 
Seklaoui underlined “the great role of media outlets”, hoping “to highlight the achievements of public utilities, as there are models that can make a difference, and set an example”. He concluded: “by serving people, let us address to people what gives them confidence in their establishment, many of whose facilities deserve trust”.
Prior, the Head of the Public Relations Department, Nahla Slim, had made a welcoming speech in which she stressed the Regie’s pride of its relation of trust and mutual respect with the Lebanese media.
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