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Regie launches Spring Board women empowerment program

28 October 2018
Regie launches Spring Board women empowerment program
As part of its programs aimed at empowering women and also as part of Manchar Souwar 2019 competition that focuses on women, the Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs launched a variety of workshops for the daughters of tobacco farmers. The workshops were held in Bekaa with 25 participants and other workshops will be held in the South and North Lebanon during December and January.
The workshops are part of the “Spring Board” (Start Point) program aimed at empowering women to give them more self-confidence and self-appreciation in order to have a positive impact on their surroundings and also an impact of themselves personally and\or professionally.
The program focuses on each working and non-working woman, and each female student willing to make a progress in her professional or personal life.
Meanwhile, “FiWi Financially Wise”, which is a non-profit organization is also participating in the project. FiWi works on raising financial and economic awareness among the young men and women and it helps them build the capabilities related to managing their personal finances and taking the suitable decisions with respect to their financial situation. It also provides awareness on the importance of planning for the future.
It is worth noting that this program is held in different languages in a number of institutions, universities, banks, municipalities, BBC and other governmental organizations and it was launched in a number of Arab countries.
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