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“Right to Play, Right to Protection, Right to Learn” A Meeting about Child Labor at Srifa School

04 December 2018
“Right to Play, Right to Protection, Right to Learn” A Meeting about Child Labor at Srifa School
“Right to Play, Right to Protection, Right to Learn” was the theme of the meeting organized by Rouïa National Association in collaboration with the Regie and the town of Srifa, in which has participated ninety students of the public school. The event was held at the town’s public library in the presence of the municipal chief Dr. Wadi’e Najdi, Rouïa’s President Mr. Qassem Safa, the representative of the Regie, Mr. Abdel Mawla Al Mawla, the Director of Leaf Tobacco Department, along with members of the educational body and interested individuals.

The municipal chief, Dr. Wadi’e Najdi, underlined the importance of the meeting with students of public school, “especially those who need different types of protection and care, which requires the participation of everybody in order to contribute to raising awareness about reducing child labor and knowledge of children's rights". "The partners in this project (Rouïa and Regie) have made a significant effort to raise awareness among local community about child labor", he said, calling out everybody to "contribute to this pioneer and distinctive effort."
In turn, Safa said: "The project is heading in the right direction and achieving its goals". "We can notice motivation, perseverance, and participation of the municipality and public and private local community." He noted that "the children themselves expressed their pleasure to participate in the program and its activities to help in achieving its goals."
Al Mawla
Al Mawla confirmed that the Regie "through the unique vision of its General Director Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, is sponsoring these projects, which will protect children and reduce child labor". He considered that “our society deserves all the good, support, and solidarity in all circumstances".
As well, a workshop was organized, in which children were able to express their feelings about children’s rights. Then, they raised papers on which they wrote their social rights. School bags were finally distributed to participants.
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