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A sport festival at Srifa within PVA Project to reduce child labor

15 December 2018
Within its project aiming at reducing child labor in cooperation with the Regie and Srifa Municipality, Ro’ia National Association organized the football festival “Right to Play”, in which have participated 100 children from Srifa. The event was held at the local sport complex in the presence of Srifa municipal chief Dr. Wadi’e Nadji, municipal members, Mr. Hussein Al-Husseini – the representative of the Regie’s General Director Eng. Nassif Seklaoui – ,the President of Ro’ia Association Mr. Qassem Safa along with other members, the representative of Amal Movement at Srifa Mr. Ali Dacroub, representatives of local political parties, and other interested locals.   
Najdi spoke about the importance of this sports festival, which highlights the importance of playing for children. He stressed the constant necessity of reviving joy and happiness in the hearts of our children, and that’s “what we notice today through this cheerful gathering of the people of this town”.
He thanked Ro’ia National Association and the Regie for this wonderful effort that left distinctive touches in the local community and wished the succession of such wonderful work.
Al-Husseini also spoke and conveyed Eng. Seklaoui’s wishes of success and perseverance of the project in order to reduce child labor, especially in the town of Srifa, which hosts many tobacco farmers.
He said that the Regie is always committed to the directives of President Nabih Berri and its Director General, in term of supporting farmers, urging sustainable development – especially reducing child labor and protecting the right to play, learn, healthcare, and food – because this nation needs to always be committed to children rights and to protecting farmers.
He added that every year the Regie undertakes development projects throughout Lebanon, wishing more prosperity to such activity.
In turn, Safa spoke about the project of reducing child labor in the town of Srifa, which was aimed at raising awareness among local community about rights and reducing child labor. The project can target mothers, parents, children, youth, teachers, people with special needs, and activists.
Safa added that this festival was held under the title “children’s right to play”, in which have participated 100 children from Srifa, expressing their joy to achieve one of the rights stipulated in the international convention on the rights of the child. Safa thanked the Regie in the person of its General Director Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, the municipality of Srifa and its Chief Dr. Najdi, municipal members, local personalities, and whoever contributed to the objectives of the project.
Following exhibition games that took place between children, cups were distributed among the first and second winner of each category, while medals were distributed among all participants. As well, the municipal chief received an honorable cup from the Association’s Executive Director Mr. Mohammad Safa and all participants were hosted over a breakfast feast.
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