“Manchar Souwar” is an annual photography contest designed for both amateurs and professionals. First launched by the Regie in 2016, as part of the Institution’s sustainable development strategy, this competition aims at supporting the artistic and cultural talents of the Lebanese youth, boosting their skills and shedding light on the social and economic side of agriculture.

2019 Photography Theme 
For each edition, Manchar Souwar offers a different inspiring theme. The theme for 2018 revolves around “Women Tobacco Growers” as a tribute for their efforts and contribution to the sustainability of this agriculture. 
Participation & Timeline:
If you are a photography amateur or professional, and have your own camera, you may: 
1- Accompany us in our photography tours: 
In the North, on December 22, 2018 
In the South, on December 23, 2018 
Register through the following link:

2- Visit the tobacco fields on your own 
Best shooting times: 
In the South: From December 15 till February 28 
In the North: From January 15 till March 31 

Plantation season in the Bekaa lasts from April 15 till May 31st, and does not fall within the contest dates. 

To ensure your participation, make sure to upload your pictures on the RLLT website via the competition link between December 15, 2018 and January 31, 2019. 
Workshops on Women Empowerment: 
In order to promote the role of the working woman, the RLTT organizes, within the framework of “Manchar Souwar” Photo competition workshops on Women empowerment targeting the Tobacco farmers’ daughters. 

To take part in these workshops, the participant should be: 
- The daughter of a tobacco farmer 
- Aged between 18 and 25
- Capable of reading and writing 

Workshops Locations
- Aitaroun (Bent Jbeil)
- Adchit (Nabatieh)
- Srifa (Tyre)
- Touline (Marjeyoun) 

Bekaa: Deir El Ahmar 

North: Kleiaat 

Dates will be set SOON.

Workshop Registration
To register for the workshop, please contact us on the following numbers: 
Landline number:  +961 5 461 100 ext: 1321 
Mobile number: +961 71 100014
Or email us at:
Manchar Souwar
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