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Independency Day: The RLTT Raises the Highest Flagpole in Lebanon

22 November 2015
The RLTT offered the municipality of Tyre the highest flagpole in Lebanon that was raised today for the occasion of the Independency Day at the Northern Entrance of the city. The ceremony was held in the presence of big crowd and supported by the President of Parliament Mr. Nabih Berri, represented by the RLTT’s President Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, in the presence of numerous notable spearheaded by Metropolitans Chokr Allah Nabil El Hajj and Mikhael Abras, the representative of Amal Movement in Jabal Amel Eng. Ali Esmail, Member of Political Office of Amal Movement Mr. Mohammad Ghazal, Chief of the union of Tyre municipalities Mr. Abdel Mohsen Al Husseini, Commandant of Tyre Police Brigade Major Abdo Khalil, as well as representatives of the Lebanese Army, Red Cross, Civil Defense, Risala Scout, and other social organizations.

Al Risala Scout Band inaugurated the ceremony by playing the National Anthem. Then, Mrs. Sara El Souki delivered the opening speech, and the Chief of Tyre municipality Eng. Hassan Dbouk spoke. He said: “today’s ceremony occurs at the same time as the Independency Day, which together represent two beautiful occasions. Independency is an occasion that we long to live within the recent hard circumstances that strike the nearby countries. This must compel us to stay devoted and to be ready to sacrifice in order to protect our independency and to adhere in the Lebanese national unity, by rejecting ugly clannishness and avoiding egoism and personal interests. Thus we would be devoting the unique common living in order to present a role model to the whole world, guarding our ancestors’ legacy and being loyal to the blood of our martyrs, who sacrificed their lives in return with freedom and independency for the sake of Lebanon and its flag.”

Dbouk thanked President Berri, the guardian of the journey of development and liberation, as well as Eng. Seklaoui and his wise management. Later, Eng. Seklaoui spoke; he said: “President Berri honored me to represent him in this ceremony that offers me, as a citizen of this city, an occasion to express the gratitude and love of Tyre’s people to this wise national symbol that guards our existence and seeks to unify the nation in times of peace as well as times of decline. In this city President Berri inaugurated developmental projects after the liberation, from entrances to infrastructure, water networks, and municipal stadium, among other.”

Seklaoui added: “since at the RLTT we chose the initiative in bearing the responsibility, we have seeded our projects in coordination with municipalities from far North and Bekaa reaching the South. Among these projects we chose in cooperation with Tyre municipality to execute the project of highest flagpole in Lebanon; a project that holds with its symbolism so many national notions. We felt all the care, cooperation, and pursuit from the side of Tyre municipality’s chief and members”.

He continued: “Tyre; the city that refuses to age while time tires. She holds its sufferings to put them in the hands of President Berri, who protects the city with his warmth, donates a part of himself, and offers his grandeur. In response, she widely opens her wings and broads him its places so he would plant her as a beauty spot on the face of Time. Here he is! In the time of multiple flags; from her soil he raises above the domes the nation’s only flag to embrace clouds holding the qualities of the soil that washed the faces of our martyrs in their journey to awake our conscious.”

Seklaoui concluded: “from President Berri and the whole family of the RLTT, I offer you thousand splendid salutes to this seed that we will grow in every city and village entrance”.

At the end, the Lebanese flag was raised on the highest pole, which is 32.6 meters in height whereas the flag is 11*19 meters.
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