“Regie” signs agreement with “Philip Morris” to manufacture its products in Lebanon

14 November 2017
“Regie” signs agreement with “Philip Morris” to manufacture its products in Lebanon

Both parties hope to develop cooperation to provide the Lebanese market with products that reduce the dangers of smoking

The management of the Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie) signed on Thursday an agreement with Philip Morris International, upon which it assumes the responsibility of manufacturing some of the tobacco types of the aforementioned company. 

In this regard, Regie’s Director General Engineer Nassif Seklaoui expressed his hope of developing this agreement in the future to start manufacturing e-cigarettes in Lebanon. For his part, Mr. Roman Yazbeck, VP Africa and Levant division at Philip Morris International hoped to work with Regie on providing the Lebanese market with products that reduce the dangers of smoking.

Member of the Management Committee, Engineer Georges Hobeika signed the agreement on behalf of Regie and the Executive Manager in the Middle, Mr Roman Krutch signed on behalf of Philip Morris.

In this regard, Eng. Seklaoui expressed his relief of cooperating with Philip Morris, hoping that this agreement becomes a “beginning for a real partnership that benefits Philip Morris and Regie”.

Eng. Seklaoui added: “Today, we sign an agreement with a leading tobacco company at the international level to manufacture some of its products in Lebanon and this is a matter that we are proud of because it proves that Philip Morris trusts Regie and its competencies and capabilities to abide by international quality standards”.

Talking about products manufactured by Philip Morris to reduce the dangers of smoking, Eng. Seklaoui expressed his hope to manufacture e-cigarettes in Lebanon.

He also added that Regie is not affected by the negative and depressing situations in the country, but aims for achieving its ambitions and raising its production levels to prove once again that it is always working against all odds in the country.

Eng. Seklaoui ended his word by saying that this agreement wouldn’t have been signed without the will and competence of both teams.


For his part, Roman Yazbeck said that “Regie and Philip Morris are two institutions with international standards that decided to look courageously toward the future and take visionary decisions to enhance their positions and achieve sustainability”.

He also noted that partnership between Regie and Philip Morris will not only achieve benefits and have an added value for both parties but will also yield “tangible and positive results for the Lebanese economy at the financial and industrial fronts”.

Mr. Yazbeck also said that Regie will manufacture at its new factory the most important international brands of Philip Morris, adding that cooperation includes “operational support”.

“Philip Morris will continue to support Lebanese tobacco farmers under the supervision of Regie”.

“In parallel to our unprecedented cooperation, we look forward to enhance and develop this cooperation, hoping to be able with Regie to provide products that reduce the dangers of smoking”.
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