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Regie inaugurates basketball court in Tyr

14 June 2019
Regie inaugurates basketball court in Tyr
As part of the sustainable development projects, and based on an invitation from La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie) and the Municipality of Tyr, a ceremony was held to inaugurate the basketball court of the public housing project.

The event was held in the presence of a number of figures amongst them the representative of House Speaker Nabih Berri, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, the Director General of Regie Engineer Nassif Sekaloui, the Head of Tyr Municipal Union Engineer Hassan Dabbouk, a number of mayors and figures from the region, as well as the division of Amal Movement and Hezbollah and the Islamic Scouts. 

Following the national anthem, Eng. Dabbouk praised the effort and cooperation between Regie and the Municipality of Tyr, stressing the importance of preserving public spaces and maintaining cooperation between the local communities and the municipalities in order to achieve the goals of this project.

For his part, Eng. Seklaoui emphasized that the local communities deserve all the best as they are people of resistance and they have been defending the land ever since the occupation until today. He also noted that building a basketball court is a sign of appreciation to the local communities and ended his speech by thanking all those who had contributed to the success of this project.

Meanwhile, Deputy Ezzeddine passed on the greetings of Speaker Berri, and praised through Eng. Seklaoui, all the projects implemented by Regie pointing out that they are all helpful for the communities of the region.

By the end of the event, honorary shields were distributed and a bouquet of roses was offered to Deputy Ezzeddine. Also, Eng. Seklaoui removed the curtain that was on the memorial plaque and announced the beginning of the first friendly basketball game.
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