Sustainable Development

Eng. Seklaui tours on 4 Bekaa towns as part of Regie’s sustainable development plan

04 July 2019
The Director General of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs Engineer Nassif Seklaoui toured on Wednesday the 3rd of July on the towns of Douris, Ei’aat, Al-Ain, and Ras Baalback where he reiterated Regie’s preparedness to provide assistance for the municipalities as part of its sustainable development plan.

Eng. Seklaoui who was accompanied by the Leaf Tobacco Manager Abed El Mawla Mawla, and Bekaa Manager Eng. Hassan Hamadi, met with heads of municipalities and a number of figures from the mentioned towns.

In this regard, the municipal figures expressed their gratitude to Regie, for the role it assumes in developing rural areas and enhancing the lives of the farmers.

For his part, Eng. Seklaoui discussed the program of Regie which is related to the social responsibility and pointed its role in supporting the farmers so they stay in their lands. He also noted that Regie is prepared to continuously cooperate with the farmers and support the municipalities as part of its sustainable development plan.

By the end of the tour, officials from the towns offered Engineer Seklaoui honorary shields.
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