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Engineer Seklaoui inaugurates church hall in Dibil

14 July 2019
Engineer Seklaoui inaugurates church hall in Dibil
The Archbishop of the Maronite Catholic Church of Tyre, Chucrallah-Nabil El-Hage, along with the priests of St. Georges and the endowment committee in Dibil, held an inauguration ceremony in the presence of the Director General of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie), Engineer Nassif Seklaoui, former minister and Deputy Enaya Ezzeddine, the commander of the Gendarmerie company of Tyre, Colonel Abdo Khalil, Qaem-Maqam Bent Jbeil Charbel El-Alam, and a number of Regie employees accompanied by Engineer Abdel Mawla Al-Mawla, officers from UNIFIL, Head of Dibil Municipality Elie Louka, Head of Ain Ebel Municipality Imad El-Lous, Head of Rmeich Municipality Albert El-Hajj, and a number of military, security, municipal, religious, and local figures.
Following the mass chaired by Archbishop Chucrallah-Nabil El-Hage, the ceremony commenced by the National Anthem, and a speech delivered by the host of the event, Dr. Michel Hanna.


Engineer Seklaoui, delivered a speech in which he praised the positions of Bishop El-Hajj and the officials of the town and its residents and said: “Some may ask why are we in Dibil today and why are we inaugurating a hall in it? To those people I say that we are biased to those who plant our lands without getting tired, so the lands may bloom green and leafy plants.”
“From Dibil, its old buildings, its old images, its fig and olive trees, its green spaces, we reassure you that at Regie we will keep our promise of supporting the rural regions throughout our country,” said Seklaoui and added “Regie is opening a hall in Dibil because it insisted on developing the towns all over Lebanon, and a hall as such in the premises of St. Georges Church, allows the people of the town to prepare workshops, trainings, and meeting, and to prepare for different kinds of occasions.”
Eng. Seklaoui also noted that this hall will be witness to all the trainings of the farmers, and will guide them to continuously develop their capabilities, and all this would help achieve the sustainability Regie is aiming for.
“Allow me to salute two dear friends; my brother Archbishop Chucrallah-Nabil El-Hage, who has an outstanding personality and firm positions, who has a spiritual sense and great tolerance to accept others, and Fr. Doctor Jean Youness, a man of education based on belonging to the land and the country, a national person who calls for abiding by the approach of modern management in order to maintain our responsibilities towards our people and our community.”
Seklaoui also stated that when Regie started the sustainable development plan, rural areas were on top of its priorities from the South to the North and Bekaa, and this is all part of preserving Lebanon and its capabilities.
Quoting Imam Moussa El-Sader, Eng. Seklaoui said: “If we want to protect Lebanon and practice our nationalism and our belonging, we have to start by protecting the people of Lebanon and all their capabilities.”
In this regard, Seklaoui said “we are striving to achieve the practical implementation of coexistence among the Lebanese people despite their religions and sects, and by empowering the people of the rural areas, we reiterate our adherence to staying in Lebanon and this is what House Speaker Nabih Berri, who has been following on our work since the very beginning, had asked us to do.”
“This is the role we are proud to assume, this should be the role of all public institutions. They should all support and work for sustainable development; they should all have a positive impact on the entire country.”
By the end of his speech, Eng. Seklaoui thanked all the officials concerned for inviting him, and reiterated Regie’s readiness for continuous communication and support for the farmers so they stay in their land.

Archbishop El-Hajj

For his part, Archbishop El-Hajj noted that they had all gathered on this blessed Sunday and started by the word of God so they may be granted salvation, light, guidance, love, and peace.
“The presence of Engineer Seklaoui, his colleagues, and all the other beloved faces from Dibil, makes us enjoy the beauty of brotherhood, the joy of solidarity and the warmth of friendship. Together we will all witness on your generous national giving, and we thank you for your goodwill and open-handedness.”
“You, my fellow friend, are a real model of a pioneering leader who has distinctive skills, and great energy in terms of handling institutions and communities. You are a visionary in your approach, and advanced in your proposals and it is nothing but important to invest in your proposals at the environmental, administrative, social, and developmental levels,” Archbishop El-Hajj said, addressing Engineer Seklaoui.
In the same context, the Archbishop said: “I cannot but remember that, you my dear friend, have a unique pattern of performance, and are characterized by your modernity, preparation and a course in contemporary management.” 
He also mentioned that Regie has always been the go-to institution for the rural people who are attached to their land, as it is keen on productivity and sustainable development in all regions across the beloved Lebanon.
“Allow me please to take a moment to thank you for cultivating the values of moderation and openness through your humble attitude and your serious and honest performance. All these values have allowed you to carry on with your national message with great faith and to establish the integrity and transparency in performance, behavior and communication to trespass all the religious obstacles and cross towards the culture of coexistence between Christians and Muslims. Throughout all this, you were the good citizen that could not be competed in terms of national coexistence.”
“May you always remain a high-ranking institution,” El-Hajj concluded.

The opening ceremony also included the speech of the endowment committee, delivered by Georges Hachem, and another speech on behalf of Cadmous College, delivered by Father Jean Youness.

The ceremony ended by the distributing honorary shields and hosting a cocktail banquet.
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