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Regie inaugurates agricultural road in the southern town of Shame’e

15 August 2019
Regie inaugurates agricultural road in the southern town of Shame’e
The Director General of La Ragie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie), Engineer Nassif Seklaoui, inaugurated a vital agricultural road in the southern town of Shame’e. 
The road, which is funded by Regie, connects the fields of the town and allows farmers to reach their properties easily, and is also part of Regie’s sustainable development project that has helped tens of farmers from Shame’s and Teir-Harfa.
The inauguration event was attended by Eng. Seklaoui along with the Head of Shame’e Municipality AbdelQader Safieddine and other officials and mayors from the region.
In this regard, Safieddine delivered a speech in which he mentioned that all developmental projects supported by Regie will surely have a great positive impact on the farmers and the people living in the southern areas, and will help them remain in their lands and will also increase the development level that House Speaker Nabih Berri had already set the corner stone for in the South.
Safieddine thanked Eng. Seklaoui for the projects implemented in South Lebanon, pointing out that they are tokens of honor for the people of the south and the Lebanese people in general especially that Eng. Seklaoui graduated from the school of Imam Musa al-Sadr.
For his part, Eng. Seklaoui delivered a speech in which he stressed that Regie will continue its work and will always offer developmental projects as part of its sustainable development plan launch in 2016 under the patronage of Speaker Berri. 
He also mentioned that all this goes back to the will of the successful and coherent Regie team that has given the treasury of the state 6 million USD; thus becoming a productive institution rather than one that seeks assistance from the state. He also added that “the teachings of Imam Musa al-Sadr will always help us remain at the service of the people because we come from a political school that was established to stand by the side of the people no matter the circumstances.”
Consequently, Safieddine offered an honorary shield to Eng. Seklaoui then the commemorative plaque holding the name of Regie road was unveiled. 
By the end of the event, Eng. Seklaoui and the attendees walked through the newly inaugurated road funded by Regie.
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