Regie clarifies reasons behind dealing by US Dollars with wholesalers

27 November 2019
Due to the current economic situation and its impact on US Dollar exchange rate, an impact was also left on wholesalers (licensed heads of sales) and Lebanese users.

In order to not to increase the price of local and imported products, La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie) implemented urgent and exceptional measures manifested by collecting one third of the wholesalers’ bills in Lebanese pounds.

Therefore, it is important for Regie to clarify that the selling of local and imported products for local consumers is done exclusively in Lebanese Pounds; whereas, the selling of these products for wholesalers is done in US Dollars since 1985 due to the following reasons:

1- Most of the raw materials and manufacturing equipment purchased from the local and foreign markets, which are part of the national industry, are paid for in foreign currencies
2- The harvest purchased by Regie from Lebanese farmers is only 5% of the local production while the remaining amounts are being exported.

Finally, Regie would like to clarify that the adopted mechanism is the best to preserve the continuity of this sector and to protect the revenues of the treasury.

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