Eng. Seklaoui while honoring retiring employees: Our profits increased by 14.5% in 2018

22 January 2020
Eng. Seklaoui while honoring retiring employees: Our profits increased by 14.5% in 2018
The President and General Manager of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs, Engineer Nassif Seklaoui mentioned on Saturday during an honorary event held for the employees who have reached the retirement age that the profit of Regie for 2019 increased by a minimum of 14.5% from 2018 despite the plunge that Lebanon is witnessing.

The ceremony which was entitled “You grew with us…hand in hand we became better” was attended by Eng. Seklaoui, Eng. Georges Abboud, Dr. Issam Salman, Eng. Mazen Abboud, State Commissioner Mirna Baz, Financial Controller Carol Youssef Aoun, the Chief of the Syndicate of the Laborers and Staff of the Regie, Mr. Kamal Yatim, Mr. Wael Dargham, the Chief of the Sports Committee Mr. Rafik Sbeiti, and Mr. Jean Chemaly Chief of the Former Employees’ Committee.

The welcome speech was delivered by the Head of the Public Relations Department Mrs. Nahla Slim in which she emphasized that Regie was adamant on carrying out the ceremony despite the situation in the country to stress that it is loyal to those who were loyal for it and who gave all what they have for its success. 

Consequently, Mr. Yatim praised the work of the honored employees pointing out that they did their tasks to the fullest, were extremely professional and sacrificed during the hardest times. He also praised the administration of Eng. Seklaoui who was efficient and wise and played a leading role in guiding the employees while encouraging them to carry out their duties. In the same regard, he thanked Eng. Seklaoui and the managing administration for maintaining the salaries of the employees and their end of duty compensations.”


“We meet today to celebrate colleagues who gave their years and days to Regie and left in each corner and hallway a well of experience and memories that could never be erased,” Eng. Seklaoui said in his speech.

Seklaoui noted that the title of this year will be “stability and continuity,” stressing that all employees are stable when it comes to their belonging, loyalty and giving to Regie, while Regie will always honor those who truly give and genuinely care for their jobs.

Talking to the honored employees, Seklaoui said: “You planted and now it’s time to harvest. Not only you will harvest, but rather, all Regie employees will. Regie is what it is today thanks to employees like you who had dedicated their time for the institution.”

“Thanks to you, we achieved a lot despite the situation in the country. We worked altogether last year to prove our success, confront smuggling, support our national economy, enhance our products and to say to everyone that not all public institutions are the same.”

In this regard, Seklaoui said: “Despite the recession, Regie’s profit increased by 14.5% compared to its profit in 2018.”

“What’s more important than all that is people and their rights; you and us, our farmers and children. What’s important is the living circumstances that we strive each day to provide to every employee and every farmer.”

Seklaoui concluded his speech by saying: “Retired employees will always remain Regie employees.”

“We will never forget their hard work and efforts. We will always be proud of them and thankful for each moment they spent here, and we promise them that our doors will always be open and their memories will forever live in our hearts and minds.”

By the end of the ceremony, Eng. Seklaoui, Mr. Yatim, Mr. Dargham, and Mr, Chemaly presented medals to the retiring 35 employees.
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