The Regie Organizes Guiding Sessions about “Tobacco Nursery and Necessary Care”

20 February 2020
The Regie Organizes Guiding Sessions about “Tobacco Nursery and Necessary Care”
Within a cooperation between the Regie and the Municipality of Aïtaroun, an agricultural guiding session about “Tobacco Nursery and Necessary Care” was held in the Municipality hall.
The Speaker of the session was Engineer Wassim Toros (Chef of the Regie’s Guiding Office) assisted by Engineer Salim Mourad.
The session was attended by the Regie’s employees and experts in Bent Jbeil’s Office, Philip Morris representative (Mr. Antoine Manuel), which purchases Lebanese tobacco, along with other 260 local farmers.
The session offered general information about plantating, seedbedding, professional fertilization, as well as diseases and pests, and authorized pesticides.
During the event, Engineer Ali Safieddine spoke about child labor in this sector. 
At the end, the names of farmers participating and interested in the session were registered in order to provide them with classified pesticides.
Moreover, a similar session about tobacco pests and plantation was organized in Blida’s Municipality hall, which was offered by the Agricultural Engineer Salim Mourad in the presence of the Chief and members of the Regie’s Office in Bent Jbeil, and several notables, farmers, and mayors. Pesticides are to be provided to farmers at a later stage by the Regie.

The schedule of session is the following:
Wednesday, 19/02/202: Zebkine / Tyr
Time & Place: 13:00 – Municipality 

Thursday, 20/02/2020: Blida / Marje’ioun
Time: 15:00

Friday, 21/02/2020: Federation of Bent Jbeil Municipalities
Place & Time: Tiri Center – 10:00

Tuesday, 25/02/2020 Federation of Jabal Amel Municipalities
Place & Time: Al Taybeh – 12:30

Friday, 28/02/2020
Municipality of Al Boustan / Tyr
Time & Place: 15:00 – Municipality
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