Regie clarifies its position regarding gathering held in Kfarkela

11 May 2020
Regie clarifies its position regarding gathering held in Kfarkela
La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie) would like to clarify that it is not distributing agricultural pesticides in a random manner. On the contrary, the distribution process is part of a plan aimed at supporting the “real farmers” and is based on their participation in the guidance courses provided across Lebanon. 

Regie is also providing farmers with the agricultural pesticides in order to fight against pests threatening their products. 

In addition to that, and up until day, cooperation has been ongoing with the Syndicates of Tobacco Farmers in Lebanon and Regie hadn’t received any claim from any farmer, specifically from Kfarkela where Regie does not have an office. 

Regie would also like to add that its doors will always be open and its employees are always ready to assist whomever is seeking help or wanting more information.
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