Syndicate of laborers and staff of Regie expresses astonishment over statement made by Faqih

09 October 2020
The syndicate of laborers and staff of the Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs expressed its astonishment over a declaration made by the head of the Union of Tobacco Farmers in the South, Hajj Hassan Faqih in which he mentioned that Regie is dedicating all its efforts to the benefit of one region. Faqih disregarded in his statement all the hard work of Regie employees - on top of them Chairman Engineer Nassif Seklaoui – who were all behind its success since 1993, and also the support of House Speaker Nabih Berri.
In this regard, Regie would like to point out that it had carried out all its duties with the farmers, and had allocated the needed support for this season, stressing that Mr. Faqih had been personally overseeing the progress and completion of all support stages.
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