Statement issued by the Municipality of Marwahin

13 October 2020
Statement issued by the Municipality of Marwahin
Republic of Lebanon
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities
South Governorate – Tyre District
Municipality of Marwahin

Statement issued by the Municipality of Marwahin

- The online platform of a news outlet shared a piece of news in which it claimed that a number of tobacco farmer from Marwahin were criticizing the work of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie)

- We clarified the matter with the majority of farmers and the mayor of Marwahin who all denied any knowledge of the mentioned criticism.

- For this, we would like to reassure that the past and the present of this well-regarded institution – starting by its Chairman and passing by all other employees – is an indicator of its support to all the farmers and the poor people in Lebanon in general, and in the South and Marwahin specifically.

- Pre-empting matters and specifying the price of the tobacco kilogram for this year is not acceptable and very surprising.

- We ask all farmers not to get affected by those fabricated news about this well-presumed institution that has never failed to support them.

01 October 2020
Head of Marwahin Municipality
Mohammad Saleh Ghannam
(Signed and stamped)

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