Regie began purchasing the tobacco harvest in Tyr and Nabatiyeh; Faqih follows up on the process

26 October 2020
Regie began purchasing the tobacco harvest in Tyr and Nabatiyeh; Faqih follows up on the process
La Ragie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (REGIE) started receiving the tobacco harvest of Lebanese farmers across different regions. In this regard, farmers delivered their harvest to the Srifa center – which is considered the largest in Tyr - while an atmosphere of calmness prevailed over the situation. In addition to that, all precautionary measures from COVID-19 were implemented and the administration of the center managed to set out a spaced-out schedule between the towns in order to prevent any congestion.

Meanwhile, the tobacco quality expert at the center, Mr. Hassan Sbeiti noted that “the Lebanese farmer is generous, and the handover process is taking place as planned for by Regie and its Director General Engineer Nassif Seklaoui.”

For his part, Farmer Khoder Mheish said: “The handover procedure is very peaceful and calm; however, it would have been more appreciated to have the price increased per kilo, especially in light of the exorbitant price inclines and the economic crisis that Lebanon is going through.”

As for farmer Al-Abed Askar, he stressed that “Regie is always the first to care for the farmers and has already given a 50% increase on the original price and that is a great assist for the farmer who would like to express their gratitude for this gesture.”

In the same regard, farmer Ahmed Hussein noted that “the tobacco plant is a great asset for farmers in South Lebanon and is a distinctive economic pillar that should be always supported and preserved in light of the crisis the country is witnessing.”

At Nabatiyeh, Regie commenced this morning receiving the tobacco harvest of farmers from South Lebanon at 10 centers including one at Nabatiyeh where 2 committees handled the harvest of Yohmor Al-Shqeef and Kfartebnit.

Meanwhile, the head of the Confederation of Unions of Tobacco and Tambac Workers in Lebanon Hassan Faqih followed up on the process and mentioned that the purchase of the harvest started in coordination with Regie and the Union of Tobacco farmers as agreed and in a very positive spirit and noted that a 50% increase on the price was added to compensate for the farmers the losses they endured due to the collapse of the national currency and the rise in the prices of pesticides and fertilizers.

“Everything is under control and all sides are fully cooperating.”

He also mentioned that planting tobacco is very difficult but is also the only source of livelihood for many farmers especially amidst economic crisis.

“From this point, we would like to salute the farmers and the management of Regie, and we would like to reassure that farmers and the purchasing committees that we stand by their side and hope that they finish this process swiftly and in accordance with the prices set last year – 10 to 12 thousand LBP – with an additional 50% to recompensate for the losses that the farmers had witnessed due to the collapse in the national currency.”

Faqih also saluted House Speaker Nabih Berri and said: “He is the main supporter of tobacco farmers and he established a national day for tobacco farmers.”
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