Regie Foundation in Tripoli to commence tomorrow the purchase of harvest

02 December 2020
Regie Foundation in Tripoli to commence tomorrow the purchase of harvest
The head of the Tobacco and Tombacs Union of North Lebanon, Abdel Hameed Saqer announced in a statement that the administration of Regie will commence as of Monday the purchase of the farmers’ harvest at the foundation in Tripoli and will add 50% on last year’s price in order to encourage the farmers and increase the support for them during the tough economic situation. He also mentioned that the number of purchasing committees was decreased to 2 due to COVID-19, and asked all farmers to abide by the health measures upon entering to the foundation. He also stressed the necessity of wearing face masks and refraining from greeting and shaking hands. In the same regard, he stated that farmers can delegate one person to deliver their harvest and noted that a delegation form is annexed. He also highlighted the importance of maintaining calm and the spirit of cooperation between farmers, the union and Regie officials, and called on farmers to get back to the head of the union or his delegate in the event of any misunderstanding between the farmer and the purchasing expert. “May God help us to get over this dark cloud surrounding our country and may the situation in Lebanon get back to its normal.”
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