11 November 2021
The Mayor of Talhyat Khaled Khaled has expressed his deepest thanks and appreciation to the Regie’s Director General Eng. Nassif Seklaoui for his efforts in supporting tobacco farmers in Akkar, standing by them in all living conditions, and supporting many Akkari villages and towns with aid and development projects. He has condemned the unfair campaign against the Regie and its Chairman Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, about the prices it pays to farmers in return for their crops. He has stressed that prices are acceptable this year in parallel with the financial and economic hardship that the country is going through, and that it’s the best the state can offer to farmers in light of the current difficult crisis in Lebanon. He has expressed his deepest thanks and gratitude for the initiatives undertaken by the Regie in Akkar; starting with building halls, roads and irrigation canals, to offering scholarships for school students and other services and infrastructure that Akkar towns lack. He has concluded: "Neither you nor the Regie would be affected by some unfair voices. Keep on, as in people's hearts you have all the love, goodwill and respect”.
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