The Opening of the Lebanese Beach Football Tournament ​

28 July 2022
The Opening of the Lebanese Beach Football Tournament ​

The Lebanon Beach Football Tournament for the 2021-2022 season was opened today at “Siesta” Beach field in Khaldeh.


Six teams participate in the tournament: Beqasta Municipality, Al-Hurriya Saida, Beirut, the Regie, the Army, and Shabab Al-Jnah.


The first stage was inaugurated by a victory of the Regie over Shabab Al-Jnah 6-5.


For the Regie scored Ahmad Jaradi (2) and Mohamad Haider (4), while for Al-Jnah scored Abed Kaddoura (2) Mohamad Matar, Ahmad Atris, and Tamer Saleh.

In the second game, Al-Hurriya Saida won over Beqasta Municipality 10-2.



For the first, scored Ibrahim Diab (3), Hussein Abdallah (2), Hussein Al Saleh (2), Ahmad Masria (2), and Karim Mokdad, while for Beqasta scored Mazen Jammal and Mohamad Abdel Sater.


The Army won over Beirut 7-0, and goals were scored by Sameh Jalal (2), Mohamad Shukor (2), Hassan Darwich (2), and Ahmad Kaour.

The games were watched by Hassan Abed Rabbo, Georges Yarak and Khalil Bahlaouan and supervised by Khaled Berjaoui and Hassan Ezzeddine.

Teams are competing within one group, applying the league system to the tournament (home and away), where the first four teams will be qualified for the semi-finals. 
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