Seklawi expects treasury revenues from the sector to exceed “one thousand billion L.L. at the end of 2022.”

19 December 2022
Seklawi expects treasury revenues from the sector to exceed “one thousand billion L.L. at the end of 2022.”
Al Khalil sponsoring the end-of-year meeting at the Regie: The draft budget of 2023 will include reform items, and we hope its discussions to be scientific and realistic, rather than political and populist The Minister of Finance, Dr. Youssef Al Khalil, affirmed today, Tuesday, his determination to include in the 2023 draft budget "reform items" that lay the "foundation stone of the path of advancement," hoping, while sponsoring the end-of-year meeting held by the Regie at its headquarters in Hadath, "to focus during its discussion on scientific and realistic aspects, away from political and populist bickering.” The Regie’s President and Director General, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui expected the treasury revenue from this sector would exceed “one thousand billion Lebanese pound at the end of 2022,” as it “almost reached 780 billion Lebanese pounds until the third quarter, compared to 715 billion Lebanese pounds in 2021.”AL KHALIL During the meeting, which was held under the title "the journey of success has no finish line," Al Khalil described the Regie as "one of the State’s most successful institutions, particularly in the public sector" pointing out that it is "the institution of hardworking that harmonizes the resources of the earth with the sweat of its descendants, to produce quality and returnable, preserving their decent and free living on the one hand, and providing the state and its treasury with revenues on the other hand, while today it is in dire need of every penny, to rise from its most difficult situation on financial, economic, social and various other fields, especially the political and constitutional complexities.”He praised the "success of the Regie, its management, organization, effectiveness, sufficiency, productivity, and growth," recalling that it "finances not only itself, but the public treasury, and extends a helping hand to sister institutions, and beyond", referring in this context to "the grant provided to Lebanese students abroad, when the supply process from their parents failed as a result of the banks’ emerging crisis, and the collapse of the national currency against the hysterical rise of the dollar.”He said: "There are many public institutions that are properly productive, but currently they are not able to meet their obligations, thus they drain the treasury every day, causing heavy burdens and depletion. He complimented the Regie for its hard work and management and its Director General, Mr. Nassif Seklaoui, members of the Board of Directors, employees, and all workers." Al-Khalil added during the meeting, which was held "in honor of employees who have persisted on raising the level of their academic achievement and have been distinguished in the development of their professional competencies": "Although an institution is classified as successful, based on the success of its management and its ability to plan and follow the path of sustainability, the adequacy, training, and growth of the human capital has a parallel importance... Today, as you meet to celebrate the end of the year and honor the employees, you emphasize that advancement depends on the ability to pursue education and training. Combined, these factors can establish capable institutions - especially if they are characterized by the advantages of governance - to face difficulties and deal with the changes imposed by circumstances, whatever they may be.”He stressed that "exchanging expertise and experiences, whether with abroad or between public administrations and institutions, developing skills and building institutional capacities are key elements of the advancement process in light of the difficult conditions we are going through." In this regard, he recalled "the experience of cooperation between the Regie and the Financial Institute of the Ministry of Finance (Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan) in the areas of training. The experience is considered exemplary and clarifies more and more the importance of emulating and activating it in the public sector." He noted that "the results of this cooperation are considered positive to a large extent, as they have contributed to the development of joint planning for the development of competencies and skills. The cooperation agreement between both institutions translated as an annual training calendar has had an effective impact on promoting a culture of quality and institutional excellence, and in granting specialized certificates for senior and middle cadres in different areas such as leadership and internal auditing. It has also resulted in models and work mechanisms related to quality management systems, sustainable development, integrated production of tobacco cultivation and public procurement.”Al Khalil added: "It is no longer possible to promote the performance of public administration without strengthening and building effective and sustainable partnerships. Therefore, we cannot but to stress the importance of cooperation between all public sector departments as a basis for advancement. This cooperation must also be matched with cooperation with the private sector and unions, as they also play a pivotal role in promoting social dialogue on current issues and challenges, consultation, and transfer of technical expertise on issues of common interest, in addition to creating a favorable environment that enhances infrastructure and combats corruption.”He concluded: "As we bid farewell to a year to welcome another, we concentrate on preparing the 2023 budget, setting ourselves the reform items that may lay the foundation stone of advancement, hoping to focus during its discussion on scientific and realistic aspects, away from political and populist bickering. The extremely difficult situation cannot be approached but responsibly, seriously, and consciously.”Seklaoui As for Sekaloui, he began his speech by describing Minister Al Khalil as "a self-made scholar stature, clean-hand, with a passion for public service," and seeking "to serve people above all, with knowledge, work, and development." He recalled the many activities "in empowering local communities, as well as strengthening municipalities in various regions," noting that he has achieved, for example, "the first housing project for fishermen in Tyre." Sekloui said: "we have always strived for the Regie to be an exemplary public utility in Lebanon, and year after year we were able to prove to the state the feasibility of holding to this sector, through the revenues that we provide to the treasury, and by providing an effective model for public utilities." He added: "While the country was overwhelmed by its successive crises, and the world was overwhelmed by its successive health, economic and financial disasters (...) the Regie plants were in a continuous action, working without interruption with doubled drive... With steadfastness, clear vision and sustainable steps, the Regie was able to continue.”In his assessment of the “2022 revenues in numbers”, Sekloui announced that “the Regie’s sales exceeded one thousand billion pounds until the third quarter of 2022, compared to 990 billion pounds for the entire 2021, which was positively reflected on the treasury revenues from this sector, as they almost reached 780 billion Lebanese pounds until the end of the third quarter compared to 715 billion Lebanese pounds in the year 2021,” expecting that “these revenues will exceed one thousand billion pounds at the end of 2022.”In this context, Seklaoui mentioned, for example, a transfer of 150 billion pounds, which are the revenues that the Regie has transferred to the treasury for the period from September until the date. He explained that the Regie has raised its production by 16 percent after it has been able to increase its production lines "to include 14 lines that produce eight national brands, 49 foreign brands, and three molasses brands, which necessitated a comprehensive restructuring to keep pace with this development of plants and production." He said: "We have added to the Regie’s record of international cooperation a new agreement with one of the major international tobacco companies to re-manufacture the Byblos brand in the factories of the British American Tobacco in Jordan, in addition to implementing the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety system, which aims to protect our workers from any risks that may arise at work". Seklaoui addressed the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Minister Al Khalil "for the backing and response they provided to the proposal of purchasing the season’s tobacco crops in fresh dollars, which was positively reflected on the continuity of tobacco farming and supporting the stability of farmers." He also expressed "appreciation to the Regie's work family" and to Minister Al Khalil for "adopting a policy that allows bearing the burdens in order to prevent the depletion of the Regie’s efficient human resources", stressing the importance of "aligning the investment in human energies with any other business investment" in order to be able to "pursue and advance further towards excellence." He highlighted that the Regie's work team was distinguished by "changing the prevailing concept about public service - considering jobs in this sector as clinical death - through their individual pursuit and effort to acquire scientific and academic degrees, inspired by nothing but their desire to progress, develop, and employ their capabilities in the service of this institution. At a point when the world was halted, lacking any further vision, they too, like the Regie, followed the path against the current, applying to universities and training programs after starting the job, achieving successes in major national and international institutes, and obtaining (...) prideworthy specialized certificates in the field of management, leadership, strategic planning, and management of human resources and quality. Addressing the employees of the Regie, he said: "my dear colleagues, you are the medal on the chest of this institution and another living proof that the journey of success has no finish line. Today we honor you because we believe that investing in people is at the core of our strategy for sustainable development and because in our strategic plans we count and rely on you, your competencies, and expertise, aspiring towards further growth and heading towards the tomorrow that we aspire.”He concluded: "The crisis is not over yet, but you have proven that, with your sense of belonging, commitment, responsibility, effectiveness, and achievement, nothing will stand between us and our goals. With you we will raise the level of challenges and we are up to the challenge."
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