Farewell letter to the late ex-Director Jean Anis Chemali

19 December 2022
Some people come into our lives and leave us without feeling their presence, and some other come as a heavy burden felt as a punishment for unknown committed sin. And the very few are a grant or a reward… They make the world a better place and make the Earth sound like heavens… They do not leave for they dwell ours hearts and fill them with love and beauty… They round about us like guardian angels seeding welfare and memories. Then, a breeze of December blew coming from the North carrying the scent of John; he who is renowned with righteousness…. He revealed himself to me graceful, elegant, decent, respectable…. These qualities have seldom been embodied in a man the way they had in Jean Chemali. A northern man who left seeking the haven of North and chasing the cave of love and perfection. What good would a man earn if he would not leave the world a better place? What good would he do if not blessing the creatures and be blessed by the Creator? Jean, while virtuously standing in all these positions has blessed the universe and by it he was blessed. Unlike his nature, he did not come this time to wish us a merry festival, though whenever he would meet us, he would greet us as if it were his last time and his last visit, he would address us reading the commandments of love, decency, and righteousness… He left reciting his last melody. No, he will not be present this festival for he has become the core of the festival that is nothing but people created from the same ground as those descending from above to sow beneath us melodies, acts, and words. I will not bid farewell to a dear colleague; farewell is for dead and whomever seeds love shall remain among the living. I will not bid farewell to a friend for friendship knowns no death. Jean, your memory will last forever; a sunlight that guides the dark nights of December and a promise of welfare and an inevitably arriving spring. Engineer Nassif Seklaoui
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