Distribution of supplies to tobacco farmers in al-Babeliyya

10 May 2023
Distribution of supplies to tobacco farmers in al-Babeliyya

The Lebanese Regie for Tobacco and in cooperation with "Japan Tobacco International" (JTI), the owner of "Winston" brand, distributed large supplies of agricultural nylon and pesticides to the farmers of al-Bustan town residing in al-Babeliyya, Sidon.


The distribution was attended by Grant Mowat’s Deputy Regional Director in the Middle East, Hadi Suleiman, the General Manager of the company in Lebanon Mohammed Jaber, Qassem Kawouk and Muhannad Samman, from the Directorate of Communication Affairs.


While the Director of Tobacco Leaves, Eng. Abdul Mawla al-Mawla, Agriculture and Purchasing Director, Eng. Jaafar al-Husseini, the Head of the Tobacco Technology Department, Eng. Wassim Taurus, along with officials from the administration participated in the event. The mayor of al-Bustan, Adnan al-Ahmad and dozens of farmers also attended.


The project aims to improve the quality and production of the crops by protecting tobacco nurseries from rain and insects, and by using nylon when drying the tobacco fields.


Al-Mawla delivered a speech in which he conveyed the best wishes to the farmers from the Regie’s President and General Director, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui stressing on the need to apply useful agricultural practices and prevent child labor. He also thanked JTI for this contribution and hoped for future cooperation.


Mowat thanked the farmers for their sacrifices and efforts in these difficult social and economic conditions.


Suleiman and the mayor also had their speeches. They praised Saklaoui’s efforts and described him as a generous person and the farmers’ custodian.

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