​ Seklaoui Visits the Tobacco Crop Receiving Centers in the South

30 October 2023
​ Seklaoui Visits the Tobacco Crop Receiving Centers in the South

 On Tuesday Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, the General Director of the Lebanese Regie for Tobacco, conducted an inspection of the crop receiving centers in the various southern towns, where purchasing committees oversee the collection of farmers’ crops.


During his tour, Seklaoui was updated on the work progress and was accompanied by Engineer Abdel Mawla Al Mawla, the Director of Leaf Tobacco Department. The committees he visited were in the towns of Srifa, Majadil, Touline, Souaneh and Tibnine, which handle the delivery of crops from Rmeish farmers. He also visited Bir Al Salasel committee, responsible for crops from the towns of Mays Al Jabal, Houla and Markaba.




He also assessed the progress of procurement activities in Siddiqin, where the harvest from farmers of Dhahira, Al-Bustan and the neighboring villages was delivered.

Seklaoui gave his instructions to the personnel involved in the procurement committees to “offer the best prices”, emphasizing the importance of supporting the farmers, as per a statement from the Regie.


Seklaoui also maintained communication with the Directorate of Intelligence of the Lebanese Army in the South to coordinate with the UNIFIL forces for the safe return of farmers to the villages they had to evacuate due to the ongoing bombing, for transporting their crops and delivering them to the procurement committees. The statement further highlighted that the farmers thanked the Regie for its efforts in enhancing their standard of living, and for facilitating the advancement of crop delivery schedules, thereby expediting the procurement process.”

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