The Regie Responds to the Confusion Caused by the "MTV" Station ​ To the attention of the esteemed MTV station

02 November 2023
The Regie Responds to the Confusion Caused by the "MTV" Station ​ To the attention of the esteemed MTV station

On Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, we were taken aback by the statements made in your evening news broadcast by farmers from the southern town of Rmeish. Therefore, we would like to clarify the following:


1 – It is widely recognized that tobacco prices are subsidized and have increased compared to last year. This adjustment reflects the Regie’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by farmers and assisting them in coping with the difficult economic situation, in the context of the total absence of state support.

 It is important to note that these prices are determined through a decision taken by the Minister of Finance.

2 - The prices set for the current season have received a highly-positive response from farmers and all purchasing committees that were visited by Engineer Nassif Seklaoui, the Regie’s Director General, earlier this week, accompanied by relevant purchasing officials.

It is essential to highlight that prior to the price approval, extensive coordination took place with relevant unions and organizations.


3 - The prices set for the tobacco crops of Rmeish farmers are higher than those in neighboring towns and other regions, despite their known level of quality.


4 - The group complaining about the approved tobacco prices primarily consists of merchants who do not engage directly in cultivation. Instead, th

ey  hire non-Lebanese laborers and farmers and seek more than their fair share.  We find it regrettable that their statements contradict the actual situation.


5- Due to the current circumstances, the Regie has taken the proactive step of advancing the crop receipt date by 15 days. After completing all the necessary logistical and technical preparations to ensure the smooth purchase process, extensive efforts have been made to facilitate the release of crops from border villages, including Rmeish and enable the Regie’s employees and workers safely receive them in areas subject to ongoing bombings.


6- In conclusion, the Regie reaffirms its unwavering commitment to support tobacco farmers, help them maintain their presence on their lands, and safeguard their resilient seedlings. Furthermore, the Regie assures you and all  media, that it stands ready to respond to any inquiries with concrete data and factual information on this matter.

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