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The Regie’s business respects the highest professional standards on the level of agriculture, industry, commerce, and finance, using modern e-management solutions, and keeping in mind the development of our society, agriculture, and farmers.


We aim to increase planted areas, to improve the types of plants grown, to use new methods for fighting agricultural blight, to continuously research plantation, drying and storage methods and to introduce machinery across various preparation and segregation stages and to assist in the preparation of raw materials for the fabrication process.
Tobacco Plantation...
27 August 2014
Tobacco Plantation in Lebanon
The Tobacco sector in Lebanon plays an important role in the economic, social and financial sectors due to the involvement of large numbers of people.
20 February 2016
Agricultural Licenses and Permits
Tobacco and tunbac growing are subject to a licensing system
Classes of Tobacco
25 August 2014
Classes of Tobacco
Original Saada Six Tobacco, Bulgarian Seed Tobacco, Meouchi Tobacco and Shak El Bint Tobacco
Tobacco Sapling...
24 August 2014
Tobacco Sapling Plantation Stages
In Lebanon, the life cycle of tobacco, from sapling to picking, lasts between 80 and 140 days, depending on the location and altitude of the site.
Fighting Insects...
22 August 2014
Fighting Insects and Diseases
One of the farmer's greatest challenges is the early detection of insects and disease.
Reaping Tunbac...
22 August 2014
Reaping Tunbac harvest stages (Saada 33)
There are a number of stages involved in the reaping and harvesting of tunbac products.
20 August 2014
Agricultural Guidance Courses
Regie's guidance courses create a link between researchers and farmers.
Sorting and Storage
19 August 2014
Sorting and Storage
Following Regie's purchase of the farmer's crops, the produce is shipped to the Department's regional stores so that they are stored in ideal conditions.
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Everything you need to know about the history, economic contribution, growing, health effects and laws of tobacco
You’re a farmer?
Learn how to acquire a plantation permission, dates of proclamation and numbering and when and where can you deliver your crop and more.