Our Business
The Regie’s business respects the highest professional standards on the level of agriculture, industry, commerce, and finance, using modern e-management solutions, and keeping in mind the development of our society, agriculture, and farmers.


We aim to develop industrial production through the renovation of plants, construction of new production lines for quality products and the implementation of high specification mechanization for the production and other stages tobacco production and sales; we also aim to develop technical capabilities, to create the basis for controlling product quality and to cooperate with international laboratories to develop new tastes for local cigarettes that are the equal of foreign products.

Investment in the...
20 October 2014
Investment in the Cigarette Industry
Regie began fabricating cigarettes in the mid-1950's
03 February 2016
Industrial Capabilities
Regie's fabrication processes rely on state-of-the-art machinery from international manufacturers.
03 February 2016
Regie produces the following products across a number of production facilities.
Materials Used in...
25 August 2014
Materials Used in Fabrication
The smoke from traditional cigarettes includes thousands of chemicals, including tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide.
Stages of...
23 August 2014
Stages of Fabrication
Regie's cigarettes go through the following production process.
General Safety in...
21 August 2014
General Safety in Factories
Regie places great importance on safety at all its laboratories and plants.
Future Developments
20 August 2014
Future Developments
Regie has developed a set of steps to ensure the ongoing growth of the Lebanese tobacco industry. The steps, some of which are taking place and others which are scheduled for the future, aim to expand product types, to ensure high quality products and to increase sales for all of Regie's products.
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