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Who We Are

Who We Are

Regie Libanaise de Tabacs et Tombacs (RLTT) established in 1935, is a public company led by Chairman and General Manager Eng. Nassif Seklaoui working under the tutelage of the Ministry of Finance.

RLTT manages the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sale of tobacco and tombac in Lebanon from North to South and Bekaa.


RLTT’s activities are characterized by their world-class standards and highly effective management. It is considered a leader in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) tobacco industry and has been awarded the highly coveted ISO9001 and ISO45001. 

RLTT is also the first public institution in Lebanon that has adopted a 10-year Sustainable Development Strategy. Its development projects have reached 243 projects.


RLTT plays an important role at the economic, social and development levels. RLTT is the fifth source of support for the Lebanese treasury where revenues in 2019 reached 1302 billion LBP IN 2021 and 1782 billion LBP in 2022. And it is considered one of the most successful public institutions in Lebanon. 


Exclusiveness Law

As with other products, The Exclusiveness Law limits the purchase, manufacturing and sale of Tunbac and tobacco, along with plantation, manufacturing, transport, export, sale and consumption. The Law also covers violations and smuggling. The Law also regulates the state's control over the technical, economic and financial management of tobacco and Tunbac, under Law Number 151 and under the control of the Ministry of Finance.




Regie oversees the permit and licensing of tobacco farmers and offers technical guidance and support. The organization also supervises plantation methods, oversees the planted areas and ensures overall quality and development through a variety of mechanisms. Once the crop has matured, Regie oversees the harvesting, drying and packaging process prior to delivery to the organization's plants, where the tobacco and tunbac is sorted, packed, prepared and stored before it is processed or exported.



Production and Fabrication

At its Hadath and Tripoli facilities, Regie fabricates domestic cigarettes and flavored tobacco. The plants are outfitted with modern machinery and technology, allowing for fast and efficient production. Regie produces the following cigarettes and tobaccos: Cedars, Cedars Plus, Cedars Silver, Maestro Violet, Maestro Regular, Tunbac 'Naqha' and Persian Seed (Ajami).




In accordance with Law 151, Regie is the exclusive agent for all imported tobacco products and the sole agency that has the authority to grant permits for the sale of tobacco. Regie also oversees anti-smuggling operations with Lebanon and on her borders.

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