Sustainable Development
Local community: engagement and development
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Community Engagement and Development

Community Engagement and Development
 “Together we achieve more”

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We are committed to working hand in hand with all our stakeholders, driven by the belief that co-shared responsibility will lead us to a better tomorrow for the generations to come and will help us achieve real economic development. 


Our Priority

  .. Economic development

Our Achievements .. 

Over the past years, we have been lending a hand to the local community by


- Supporting municipal and governmental initiatives

- Supporting cultural and charitable activities

- Adopting child labor fighting programs

- Empowering employees through stable job opportunities and retirement salaries

- Supporting economic activities by giving priority to local suppliers

- Maintaining transparent relationships with governmental officials 


Our Future Actions .. 

Our action plan over the coming years is aimed at:


-  Raising stakeholders’ awareness on sustainable development


 -  Engaging tobacco suppliers in investment programs

​  -  Meeting the needs of the civil community through municipality support​​
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