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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection
 “I choose to deal with a trustworthy Company that offers me high quality and utmost security”

Our Consumers…Our asset 

We are committed to investing in research to provide customers with best-in-class and low-risk products. We strive to abide by the highest standards of transparency and build rock solid trust with our customers. 


Our Priority


Reducing harm and fighting tobacco trafficking 


Our Achievements


Over the past years, we have supported our consumers by:

-    Preserving their rights through transparent practices

-    Providing transparent price, fees and components information

-    Adopting appropriate warnings on tobacco-related risks.


Our Future Actions


Our action plan over the coming years is aimed at:

-    Implementing the health and safety management system

-    Investing in health activities to ensure medical services

-    Investing in public health research aimed at reducing smoking diseases

-    Investing in tobacco studies  

Fighting illicit trade​​​