Investment in the Cigarette Industry

Investment in the Cigarette Industry
Regie began fabricating cigarettes in the mid-1950's when cigarettes of various eastern flavors were first made, beginning with the brands EXTRA, First Kind and Tatli. In the mid-1970's, Cedars in 100 mm, 85 mm and 80 mm sizes were released, in addition to Byblos 80 mm cigarettes.

In 1993, Regie's administration began focusing on the development and modernization of the industry and on the fabrication of international brands in order to bolster the Lebanese economy.

The market was dominated by the long, 100 mm Cedars cigarettes. The 100 mm Cedars continues to hold prominence in the market decades after its release. The Lebanese market was accounting for more than 100 million sales per year, with 14,000 boxes sold every month. In order to foster competition and to grow the market, it was decided to introduce new brands and develop older industrial sites to spread production capacity.

To facilitate their ideas, Regie implemented a strategic plan to develop the cigarette industry with investments totaling 29 million US dollars. Production capacity would be increased, old plants renovated, laboratories renovated and the infrastructure and industrial surfaces redeveloped.

The development plan consisted of the following elements:
1 - Fabrication of Cedars in line with international tar and nicotine rates.
2 - Creation of a new production line for treating and preparing tobacco leaves.
3 - Installation of a new wrapping system, in line with technological advances.
4 - Creation of a new production line for the production, packing and wrapping of 84mm cigarettes to the highest modern standards.
5 - The purchase of cigarette tearing machines to reduce waste.
6 - The equipping of laboratories with tools to ensure quality control.
7 - Investment in the industrial services and warehouse, including the vapor network, water supply, ventilation and more.
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