Tobacco's Economic Contribution

Tobacco's Economic Contribution
Tobacco is considered an important crop in more than 60 countries worldwide and nearly 8 million metric tons are produced annually.

In Lebanon, approximately 25,000 families benefit from the production of tobacco and tunbac.

The economic aspects of the industry are clear to see:
• Land is to produce a financially-viable crop
• Laborers are employed to harvest the tobacco
• The Lebanese government receives substantial levels of customs charges, taxes and other income
• Local production of tobacco continues to rise
• The industry is a stable source of foreign currency
• The needs of the local market are met

The tobacco industry also plays an important social role in Lebanon:
• Villagers are incentivized to remain at home, rather than migrating to cities
• Farmers are able to stay in their local area, fostering bonds to the country and creating a strong sense of community
• Tight family bonds are forged as generations mix during the production cycle