Human Rights

Human Rights
 “Staying in my land and educating my children is my priority”

Their rights… Our Priority

We are committed to creating a work environment that values and respects human values and employees’ rights to skills development, capacity building and care, giving the highest priority to child labor fighting.  


Our Priority

  .. Creating a fair work environment

Our Achievements


Over the past years, we have supported human rights by:

- Providing equal employment opportunities

- Ensuring decent working environment offering social and professional benefits

- Respecting the right to join unions and syndicates

- Creating skills’ development opportunities

- Providing health care and covering work-related accidents 


Our Future Actions


Our action plan over the coming years is aimed at:

-      Creating a productive working environment (Implementing the OSHAS system)

-      Developing the skills of our employees

-      Fighting Child Labor by setting a Human rights policy 

-      Supporting the education of farmers’ children by launching the STIL initiative ​​​