Environment Protection

Environment Protection
“My right is to live in a clean and healthy environment”

Together, we sow the seeds of a green environment for future generations ..

We are committed to preserving the environment and protecting its resources. We strive to minimize work-related pollution, rationalize energy consumption, apply sustainable agriculture standards and manage tobacco wastes.


Our Priority

 .. Sound environmental practice

Our Achievements .. 

Over the past years, we have worked on protecting the environment by:

- Providing guidance on energy and water consumption

- Building a power plant and a water treatment station in line with environmental standards.


Our Future Actions ..


Our action plan over the coming years is aimed at:

-      Implementing Sustainable Tobacco Environmental Practices 

-      Reducing energy consumption (water management, environment management system)

-      Adopting sustainable agriculture practices (Good Agricultural practices GAP, raising farmers awareness)

-      Developing a waste management system