Agricultural Guidance Courses

Agricultural Guidance Courses
Regie's guidance courses create a link between researchers and farmers. Through the transfer of knowledge, the courses aim to create an environment of growth.

The courses aim to teach farmers best practices and about modern technology to enable them to produce high quality products at low costs. Training sessions and lectures are delivered to farmers and include photographic supplements and data; the sessions take place at public halls in villages where there is significant tobacco production.

The courses take place prior to the planting season, in the first half of February in the South and in March in the Beka'a and the North, depending on the weather.

All farmers with current permits and licenses are invited to attend. The presenter will explain methods and practices that can be carried out through the season and cover all stages of production from nursery to delivery of the crop to Regie. Leaflets and information are made available.
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Everything you need to know about the history, economic contribution, growing, health effects and laws of tobacco
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Learn how to acquire a plantation permission, dates of proclamation and numbering and when and where can you deliver your crop and more.