Industrial Capabilities

Industrial Capabilities
Equipment and Furnishings
Regie's fabrication processes rely on state-of-the-art machinery from international manufacturers. The majority of the machinery is German and Italian in origin and ensures that the industrial elements of production are automated and run alongside specialist software which allows Regie to obtain data on the machine's performance, mechanical malfunctions, production rates and general efficiency.

Hadath Tobacco Manufacturing Plant
The first plant of the Regie, established in 1935 in Mar Mikhael in Beirut, was relocated to El-Tahwita in Forn El Chebak, then in 1957 to Hadath.
Originally, the plant was designed to produce unfiltered oriental cigarettes.
In 1972, the plant was upgraded to produce American blend cigarettes, while Cedars was first introduced to the market in 1974.
In 2013, the plant was entirely rehabilitated and new Cedars brands were introduced.

The new plant includes:
14 production lines with a capacity of 12 thousand cigarettes per minute for each line.
A line to prepare, distillate, and cut tobacco with a capacity of 25000 Kgs per hour.
Laboratories needed to inspecting the quality and preparing new brands.
Production Types:
The plant produces all Cedars brands, as well as renown brands of international companies such as Marlboro, Kent, Gauloise, Gitanes and other brands that are currently locally manufactured thanks to licenses conferred by companies that own those brands.

The following chart reflects the changes in the annual production of cigarettes between 2003 and 2022

Flavored Tobacco Plant in Tripoli
Established in 2004, the Tripoli plant start producing flavored tobacco in 2005.

Production is undertaken in line with international quality standards and is undertaken using European machinery of the highest quality. The entire process is automated and represents the very best practices for the production of flavored tobacco.
The plant is comprised of three distinct sections:
1 - A preparation and mixing section
2 - A packing and wrapping section
3 - A storage section
Working Teams
Alongside modern machinery, Regie relies on well-trained employees. Advanced technical training courses involve sending members of the technical team to Germany and Italy to undertake training on the plants' machinery to ensure the high skill levels throughout the operation.

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