Sales of Tobacco Products and its Distribution Across Lebanon

Sales of Tobacco Products and its Distribution Across Lebanon
Regie works to organize a sales team in order to ensure that all Lebanese tobacco products pass through the central warehouse at Hadath.

In 1935 a resolution was passed which stated that a Regie-issued license was required to sell any tobacco products imported or produced by Regie. As a result, Regie issues two types of sales license, wholesale and retail, subject to conditions imposed by the Ministry of Finance.

The licenses stipulate the price of tobacco products, as specified by the Regie. Any unlicensed sales are subject to legal action.

The sales policy is based on a group of 668 representatives of retail and wholesale groups who are licensed to sell retail and wholesale tobacco products across Lebanon. No other party has the right to sell tobacco products. As a result, tobacco is distributed directly to the sellers through Regie's stores and retail sellers form the main part of the distribution process.

In line with this policy, Regie aims to:
Consider retail sellers as members of Regie's cadre
Treat retailers with respect and appreciation
Work with retailers to improve their profits
Assist retailers in protecting their interests
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