Import and Export

Import and Export
Regie is the exclusive agent for all imported tobacco products, and is keen on following best practices and flexible policies compatible with modern commercial conceptions in order to:
• Secure the interests of importing companies
• Assist companies in improving sales
• Assist companies in finding solutions to problems encountered in Lebanon

Regie, through contracts entered with foreign tobacco companies, imports tobacco products for the local market, such as cigarettes, flavored tobacco and cigars. All invoices with suppliers are settled within 90 days of receipt.
The process for importing products comprises the following steps:
Receipt of a request for the introduction of a new tobacco type to the Lebanese market with the relevant specifications
Reviewing accompanying documentation and obtaining approval of Regie's custodial power
Meeting the requirements for the introduction of the new product
Placing orders based on sales statistics and determining quantities with the supplier
Assigning a sales price following existing matrixes taking into account customs fees, VAT and Regie's costs and profits while accounting for the national industry
Notifying retailers and wholesalers of the price of local and imported cigarettes on a weekly basis
Reviewing requests for price amendments presented by exporters and studying the economic effect of the requests and its impact on illegal trading
Settling invoices due to suppliers following the removal of goods from Regie's stores
Applying the laws that aim to limit smoking in Lebanon
Ensuring that products circulate through the system at speed and encouraging suppliers to withdraw additional products.

Regie works under the exchange principle when entering into companies supplying foreign cigarettes. As part of any importation contract, Lebanese cigarettes are exporting for sale abroad, helping to ensure the protection of the national agriculture and tobacco industry.
As a result of this policy, Regie plays several finance roles:
The Lebanese state gains taxes and customs duties as a result of the tobacco trade, in addition to Regie's profits.
Seasonal tobacco farmers are assisted
The salaries of staff and laborers are covered
Regie's financing is assured
Cargo and Insurance
Regie imports all tobacco products, ships, transports and pays customs fees as well as insuring the products against destruction and deterioration risks in order to protect investments associated with the tobacco trade.

Regie undertakes the following means of shipping and insurance:
Marine Shipping
Transportation of products from abroad in containers by ship to Beirut's port
Land Shipping
Transportation of products from Beirut port to their center at Hadath
Internal shipping
Transportation of products between Regie's offices, the purchasing committees and Regie's stores across Lebanon
General Insurance 
Regie insures products against fire, burglary, work and vehicle accidents and offers marine insurance for goods imported from abroad
Types of Insurance

Free on Board (FOB)
Regie will be responsible for the full cost of shipping and its insurance from the time of placing it on board until it arrives at the stores

Cost Insurance Freight (CIF)
The supplier will be responsible for the cost of shipped goods and their insurance from the time of loading on the ship until unloading at Beirut port

Cost and Freight (C&F)
The supplier will be responsible for the cost of shipping the goods to Beirut port, while the cost of its insurance will be covered by Regie

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