El-Mir in his letter to Sekaloui: Regie projects help Akkar farmers in staying in their land and region

The head of the Union of Municipalities of Central and Coastal Qaita’a Ahmed Al-Mir sent a letter to the Regie’s President and General Director Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, in which he thanked the latter: "as the President of the Union of Municipalities of Central and Coastal Qaita’a and on behalf of my colleagues in the Union and myself I express my gratitude and appreciation from my heart for your dedication and sincerity with which you carry your responsibilities.
No wonder that you have these qualities since the school of President Berri has no place but to faithful and loyal efforts for this country.
Mr. Director General, I have not had the honor to meet you, but your work is the greatest witness to your achievements, so I allow myself to thank you and your team.
For those who wanted to know the reasons behind my gratitude to you I mention that: 
1- as a President, I have no advantage in your great achievements and developmental projects in Akkar but during my tour in the towns of the Union, which I have the honor to represent; I have witnessed your generous effort in this region;
2- during my tour with my friends in the towns of Akkar as well, I have witnessed your great achievements and development projects that make me envy your devotion to your work;
3- most importantly; these projects, which you fund, help farmers and citizens of the region to maintain stability in their land without posing further burden on the cities.
Finally, we would like to express our deep gratitude to all the responsible of this national institution and to wish you more strength".
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