Importing New Tobacco Products into Lebanon

To introduce a new cigar brand the following documents are required:
An exclusive agency from the producer including a pledge to abide by decision no 1/971 jointly and severally with the agent to pay all dues to Régie including introductory fees (USD 1,000 for the brand and USD 200 for each variant), trade-offs (a quantity of Lebanese tobacco leaves with a maximum value equivalent to the value of tobacco products sold to Régie in the same fiscal year should be purchased or replaced by a cash payment equivalent to around 3 or 4% of the total value (CIF value) of your shipments during a certain year).

An attestation stating that the blend does not contain any prohibited ingredients.

Technical specifications: The length, diameter and net weight of each cigar, the number of cigars per wooden, plastic or cardboard box woo (the type is to be specified), the number of cigars per case The FOB or CIF price of each cigar (the sales price ex warehouse to wholesalers to be calculated by multiplying the CIF price per 1.65 and by adding the VAT 10.718%)

Certificate of origin
A bank guarantee covering customs duties and other costs (around 50% of shipment value) incurred by Régie on each shipment The new health warning to be printed on each box