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Syndicate of laborers and staff of the Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs

Syndicate of laborers and staff of the Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs
The syndicate was the first of its kind established in Lebanon and the first to lose members during labor demonstrations. Founded in 1947, the syndicate's objective was to forge an understanding between the workers and the employer, to create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect and to improve the financial and working conditions of Regie's staff. The syndicate is closely linked to a number of other nationwide and international syndicates and organizations.

The most important functions of the syndicate include the maintenance of the organization, ensuring the permanent employment and upkeep of laborers' earnings are:
  • The protection of the interests of the staff, laborers and contracted individuals and the improvement of their employment status, the defense of their rights and the achieving of their demands.
  • Consolidation of syndicate members and protecting their employment earnings at all levels in line with regulations and representing them in the Lebanese justice system.
  • Consolidation of cooperation between the management and the staff and laborers and developing understanding between all parties.
  • The establishment of social, health, cultural, cooperation, female and sport societies.
  • To resolve differences that may arise between staff and the management.
  • To participate in sporting activities and competitions.
  • To participate in the International Labor Day.
  • To honor women working at Regie on International Women's Day.
Syndicate Chief and members of the Syndicate of laborers and staff of the Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs:
Syndicate Chief: Kamal Mohamad Yatim
Members:Botors Youssef Kiryakos
                  Mirielle Tanous Frah
                  Mirna Abdallah Mneimneh
                  ALi Salman Haidar
                  Houssam Ali CHreif
                  Margo Seba Jaejae

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