Types of Tenders Carried Out by Regie

Types of Tenders Carried Out by Regie
Types of Tenders Carried Out by Regie

Insurance OutsourcingTwo types of insurance are offered, general insurance, which covers fire, theft, accidents at work and marine insurance that covers the insurance of goods imported from abroad
Outsourcing Public TransportThe transfer of products between offices and warehouses and the procurement management committees of the various regions
Outsourcing External and Internal TransportThe transport of products from Beirut port to the Hadath management center
Outsourcing Internal and External AuditsAuditing of RTLL's financial accounting
Outsourcing Declarations and PrintingPrinting of administrative models and the issuing of RLTT news to the press
Outsourcing of Loading and UnloadingLabor required to transport goods from containers to Regie's stores
Outsourcing of General MaintenanceGeneral maintenance of Regie's buildings and main equipment
Cleaning and MaintenanceLaborers are required to clean Regie's administrative offices, warehouses, squares and roads
SecurityGuards are required to ensure the security of RLTT buildings and warehouses
Hospitalization and Medical ManagementManagement of all medical services for RLTT employees across Lebanon
Information ManagementProgramming, maintenance, support and expansion of all RLTT's programs, in addition to the management of networks and information facilities
Supply of Industrial EquipmentEnsure the supply of industrial machinery including manufacturing lines and machines in RLTT's plants
Raw MaterialsThe supply of the raw materials needed for the production of cigarettes, molasses tobacco and tunbacs, for example cigarette paper, filters, industrial publications, aluminum paper, polypropylene and more).