Ex-Laborers League

Ex-Laborers League
The Regie administration's support of ex-laborers is one of the most important social achievements among similar Lebanese administrations. The League, through its program for patronage for ex-laborers, covers medical and hospitalization expenses for ex-staff.

The Ex-Laborers League was founded with the encouragement of Regie's management for the purpose of securing medical services and medicine for retired staff and their families, as well as to provide moral and material assistance to needy older people. Approximately 800 elderly people are members of the League. The League relies on subscriptions from members, donations and grants (from the Collaboration Fund among others) and on assistance provided by Regie's administration.

The administrative of the League is managed from the administration building as Regie's leadership considers ex-laborers to be part of Regie's management. The aid, which increases year after year, includes social aid to members in need of material assistance, assistance in times of death, and assistance with finances for those with long term medical issues, including cancer, those requiring dialysis, pacemakers and more.

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