Seeking Assistance from Private Sector

Seeking Assistance from Private Sector
In order to bolster the financial and human resource departments, we have undertaken a number of steps to improve the productivity of the Department. These services are contracted to external firms following a rigorous tender procedure. 

The following activities were assigned to competent external companies:


Two kinds of insurance have been sourced: General insurance which covers against fire, burglary, work and vehicular accidents, and marine insurance or the insurance of goods imported from outside

General Transport

Transportation of products between offices, purchasing committees and the administration stores in various areas

External and Internal Transportation

Transporting products from Beirut port to the administration center at Hadath

Internal and External Auditing

Auditing the financial accounts of the Regie offices


Ads and Printing

Printing Cedars envelopes, administrative forms, advertising and administrative news in daily newspapers

Loading and Unloading Work

Securing the labor to transport goods from the stores to the admin stores

General Maintenance Work

Contracting the building maintenance and various furnishings

Cleaning and Garden Maintenance work

Securing the labor needed to clean the administration offices, yards, roads and stores


Maintaining security and watching all the buildings, stores and offices

Managing Medical Services

Managing the medical services and hospitalization of laborers

Management of Information

Scheduling, analysis, maintenance, support and backing up of all information and data in the administration, and securing data networks and the equipment necessary at the six branches of the administration

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