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Seklaoui: through the lens of the participants we saw workers and farmers and we saw soil mixed with sweat .. The Regie announced the winners of the photography “Manchar Souwar” Competition

09 November 2016
Yesterday, Tuesday, the Regie announced at its Headquarter in Hadath the winners of the “Manchar Souwar” tobacco competition about the stages of reaping tobacco and tunbac harvest in Lebanon. As the title indicates, it refers to the twine used to hung tobacco leafs after being reaped.

In this occasion, the Regie organized an exhibition for the competing photographs. The Regie had received 787 photographs submitted by 248, amateur as well as professional, participants, of different age ranges. Among this number, 492 were admitted, of which 47 made it to the finals.

During the ceremony, the Regie President, Mr. Nassif Seklaoui took the stage: “the Regie aims to launch purposeful initiatives after it had set a plan for sustainable development, under which it works toward developing different aspects of our community. It supports talents and intellectual as well as artistic potentials. It’s a Regie tradition to back local communities and thousands of families and to shed the light over the creativity of our youth. The Regie was never short when it comes to supporting the economy, reserve, and community in this country. It rewards distinction, and thus it was lately rewarded the ISO quality certification to become the first public facility achieving such goal.” Seklaoui stressed that “248 young men and women participated in this competition. Through their lens we saw the brightest side of the stages of reaping, curing, and finely producing tobacco. We proudly witnessed our produce, traditions, and seasons, as well as our merit in the sectors of agriculture, industry, and commerce. Through their lens we were able to see workers and farmers and to see soil mixed with sweat, generous farmhands, and the Lebanese fertile land that gives without condition. Most importantly, we were able to witness a bright future for Lebanon as well as for its upcoming generation and agriculture.”

Maha Mneimneh received the Jury Selection for the best Photograph, she received 2000$. In the second place came Nabil Monzer, receiving 1500$, and in the third place came Nabiha Hojeij, receiving 1000$.

As for the online voting for the best photograph, the prize went to Charif Taher, receiving 1500$.

The prize of the Jury selection for the best Album went to Mahmoud Zayat, receiving 1500$.

The jury included Engineer Jaafar Husseini (Regie Member), landscape professional photographer Mahdi Skafi, Chief photographer for the Gulf Region at Agence France Presse Marwan Naamani, and the Lebanese French photography consultant Jean-Lou Bersuder.

The jury had evaluated the photographs, while the public had the chance to vote online over the Regie’s website and different social media pages.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mrs. Rana Kamaleddine made an introductory speech, in which she declared that winning photographs will be published in a special booklet.
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