Regie, LRC organize awareness workshop on prevention of COVID-19

10 September 2020
Regie, LRC organize awareness workshop on prevention of COVID-19
La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie) organized in coordination with the Lebanese Red Cross an awareness workshop on preventing coronavirus (COVID-19) and limiting its spread at the workplace.
In this regard, two sessions were held in the administrative and vocational training hall, while maintaining a safe distance between participants. During the sessions, participants were informed about the precautionary measures that should be implemented at the workplace to protect all employees, and were also informed about the behaviors that should be adopted upon arrival to the workplace and when receiving packages.
It is worth noting that Regie had already started – months ago – by implementing these behaviors to enhance the effectiveness of the preventive measures. Participants also received instructions on home isolation and psychological and social support.
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